Sharrets Egg White Albumen Protein Powder, 2 x 200g Chocolate, Protein Powder for Women Men Athletes Bodybuilding Beginners Boys Girls Family, Halal Certified - Non GMO Gluten Free dairy Free

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✔SUGGESTED USE : Egg white protein supports growth & maintenance of muscle mass , so to reap the benefits of this product we recommend to use before and /or after your workout , adding 1 serving (30g.) to 12 oz of water, milk, vegetable juice or your favorite drink . Stir rapidly for 45 seconds or shake vigorously in a covered container and consume. We recommend to use 2-3 servings per day , or as required to meet your individual needs.
✔Egg White Protein Powder is suitable for everyone, and more specifically those who are on a dairy free, no fat diet . Sharrets Unflavored Egg protein blend backs a nutritional left hook with 25g protein,0g carbs ,0g fat & only 100 calories per serving (30g).Whether you’re male, female, wanting to lose weight or wanting to bulk up, the pure protein contents will help you reach your goals, quicker and easier than ever.
✔COMPLETE PROTEIN – Egg White Protein powder is a ‘Complete Protein’ meaning that it contains all the essential amino acids, the building blocks of our tissues and the primary component of proteins . Most importantly, Egg Protein is LACTOSE FREE making it ideal for anyone with a lactose intolerance.Many individuals with lactose issues are not able to tolerate a whey protein powder.
✔MADE IN INDIA : Our Egg White protein powder is proudly made in INDIA and nowhere else. Sharrets Nutritions takes pride in supplying only natural, unadulterated nutritional supplements that you can trust to be pure, safe, and effective.

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