Green Nutripower Pea Protein Coated Cashews with Peri Peri Flavour, Immunity Booster Cashew Nuts (Pack of 2 x 200g)

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Heart Health: Improve heart health with magnesium. Lower blood pressure, improve and manage the cholesterol level and also other fats in the blood with Cashew Nuts by Swara. Also, manage blood sugar level and insulin levels effectively with flavoured cashew nuts.
Dietary Fiber: Start your day with fiber cashew nuts. This snack with the prebiotic fiber increases friendly bacteria in your gut and contributes to the good digestive health. Boost your immune system, protect yourself from harmful diseases and improve your metabolic health.
Skin & Hair: Get healthy skin & hair with the right dose of vitamins. Coated nuts are filled with health benefits which lead to better skin and hair. Make sure to include these coated cashews in your daily diet and get ready to experience the change with the results you desire.
Weight Management: Enjoy guilt free snacking with healthy cashew nuts. Manage your weight while indulging into these absolutely light and tasty snack. Stay true to your fitness and also satisfy your cravings with this extremely crunchy and delightful snack.

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