Kapiva Green Superfoods - Berry- Plant-Based Nutrition Powder, Detoxifies Body and Cleanses Skin | Ayurvedic Herbs help Build Strength and Immunity | Enriched with Moringa, Spirulina and 23 other Superfoods- 1kg, 29 Servings

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BOOSTS METABOLISM: This health powder contains 14gm protein in each serving which assists in important metabolic processes in your body. This powder helps in breaking food down into energy and helps block fat production. This immunity powder helps remove toxins from the digestive tracts. It helps boost the immune system and fights common ailments by providing a shield against pathogens.
HOLISTIC NUTRIENTS: This digestive powder is a perfect blend of rice and yellow pea which provides nutritious value to your body. This nutrition powder is high on rice protein which helps improve bowel movements and improves the digestion process. The Yellow Pea protein which is present in this holistic, green nutritional powder helps strengthening the immune system.
HELPS CONTROL APPETITE: Our product is rich in amino acids which helps in building core muscles. This nutritious powder offers numerous health benefits which includes delaying the emptying of the stomach contents and enhancing the feeling of fullness which prevents hunger. The peas present in this powder are gut healthy which helps in balancing blood sugar levels and providing energy for whole day long.
TWO FLAVOURS TO CHOOSE FROM: This plant protein powder comes in two variants to choose from – Berry and Choco-Orange. Choose as per your taste as nutrition in them remains the same. To craft your nutritious drink, take 2 scoops (38-40 gms) of this product and add it to 250 ml of chilled water. Mix/shake to blend well to craft your ultimate healthy drink.

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